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This EP is a short collection of songs that capture a moment of time in my life, and when I listen to them they feel like a kind of scrapbook. The songs tell the story of a relationship that was very special to me – it’s difficult sometimes to share so publicly songs that feel so personal, but I think maybe that’s when you know you’re writing the right songs. 

Musically, we kept the songs very raw and stripped down, to sound just like they did when they were written. I’ve spent a long time searching for what that sound should be, what I was gonna sound like. When we finished working on this project I knew we’d made something that really does feel like me.

These songs have made me excited to delve deeper into what defines me, and I have become hungrier than ever to keep creating and releasing music. It’s like making the first step and starting to be able to see the next one. And it’s comforting to know I’ll always have this first group of songs to mark this moment in my life.

This recording has also made me feel grateful to the people around me who helped so much. My best friend for taking the trips over to Vancouver with me, my bandmates for sharing their gifts with me, and the team of people who help me in every step of this learning process. It’s been hugely humbling to see the amount of people I have in my life who are there for me and I never want to let them down.

Thank you for listening.


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